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Rugged cables for industrial automation

We provide cables that perform in industrial environments. Our products cover a wide range of automation applications.
Our options for Motion Control include:

  • VFD and Power Tray Cable (TKFF100/TKFF200)
  • Servo Power- and Feedback cables (TKFF390)
  • Hybrid Motor cables (TKFF390)
  • Control Cables (TKFF390)
  • Bus and Network Cables (TKFF390)

Industrial Automation

The Automation segment is a growing market and technology trends such as Industry 4.0 (IIoT) are quickly being adopted. Cables for automation have increased flexibility and ruggedness and are widely used in manufacturing for machine tools, wood working and glass machine, packaging, robot, and aerial platforms, etc.
Precise and reliable movement, high-speed data transmission and low noise levels in static and dynamic applications are just some of the important requirements of this field.

Servo and electric motor technology in motion control applications is requiring low capacitance cables that can efficiently transmit power and data in the same cable. This technology is often referred to as hybrid cable, single cable solution or one cable technology. We provide cables with various hybrid technologies including Hiperface DSL®, EnDat®, EtherCat® and many more.

TKUSA provides an extensive range of copper and fiber optic cables for static and dynamic applications, torsion or bending/torsion stress, oil, and flame resistant in accordance with international and North American standards such as UL, CSA, VDE, IEC.
In addition to our standards cables, we design and manufacture custom cables tailored to customer needs for many applications.
Advanced technologies and a strong focus on engineering allow us to offer a high-quality product that is not only robust, but also flexible and ensuring long system reliability.


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